Hi guys! I'm Emily, the founder and owner of In Emily's Kitchen. 

I started In Emily's Kitchen as a hobby in January of 2019. I recorded hours of video content to help my friends feel more confident in their kitchens. I continue to develop new recipes to share and encourage my friends to have fun while cooking.

I notice many of you feel empowered to create in your kitchen and people are looking for something to make cooking even more approachable. And that is why In Emily's Kitchen Signature Spice Blend was born. 

That idea has been in my head for six months now. However, I knew I would have to take a leap of faith to make this dream a reality. I left my job at the Los Angeles Times in November of 2019 to pursue entrepreneurship full time and take In Emily's Kitchen from a video series to a business.

I spent three months developing the Signature Spice Blend to get the perfect combination of flavors. I've also spent the last few months becoming a business owner; licensing and all. It really has been just me on this path and navigating it as a "solopreneur" has been an adventure.  

So now this idea and dream I've had since I was a kid is becoming my reality. I am so excited for what lies ahead for In Emily's Kitchen and the unknown adventure that awaits. I hope you love my first Signature Spice Blend as much as I do. 

and always...

With Love + Salt,